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First sproutings [Jun. 11th, 2006|02:05 pm]
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So many updates, my internet was out, there has been so much progress with my plants.

Both Basil's first sprouted on June 3rd, almost exactally a week from planting. I planted two seperate Basil plants and they both sprouted on exactally the same day. I am very excited by this consistancy.

However, I experienced a tragedy. Oregano was knocked over by my stupid inconsiderate drunk roomate, whom I will kill. Oregano has been replanted and is due to sprout by the 15th.

On June 5th Dill started to sprout and is still going strong. Today when I went to water my plants I notice my drunk roomate had knocked down Rosemary, which was just a few days from sprouting! The 2 month old Rosemary is fine. All of the plants have been moved to a safer, yet less sunny location. I need to find a place where he and his drunk floosies can't knock them over but it's seeming quite futile. I'm not sure if I'll replant Rosemary just yet.

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